by Keeks

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released May 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Keeks Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Things (Original)
I don't want you in the morning.
I don't want you in the fall.
I don't want you when the darkness comes to call.
I don't want you on a car trip,
or when I'm walking down the street--
I don't want you.
Yeah, I don't want you.
It's, "I don't want you," on repeat.

When we tell ourselves the things that make it easier,
it's someone talking in our sleep:
they may share our beds, may know our habits, tosses, turns--
only get their wisdom 'tween the sheets.

In the morning, he don't want me,
or when the seasons change to fall.
Darkness knocking, he don't think on me at all.
I am yelling, "I don't want you."
He just lives it day to day.
If you have truths, then they're the things you never say:

I don't want you.
Track Name: Siren Song (Original)
Come here, sailor man of mine,
and rest your weary bough.
The ship you sail is sweating out.
It burnt right through your time.

I been here a thousand years,
and never seen your show;
thousands been before you, though--
I drowned 'em all with tears.

So wade upon this broken shore
and sing me songs you've heard.
I'll be your little lighthouse bird
and you can be my whore.

Plop you in a pretty cage
and pack your maw with kelp.
Your eyes'll quiet plead for help.
Your throat'll choke with rage.

But weep me out a river, boy,
and whine across the shore.
No man has broken out before,
not one escaped convoy.

Here's the trick nobody knows,
the rabbit in my hat:
my neck-chords had you looking back,
but you're the one that chose.